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June 9th 43rd Seattle International Film Festival - China Stars Award Ceremony, and Li Hongtaooil painting exhibition

Number of visits: Date:2017年6月11日 10:05
WASA Global (Hong Kong) Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., Seattle International Film Festival, WASA North America Group, Seattle WASA International Art Center contract - the 43rd Seattle International Film Festival - 'China Stars' awards ceremony held as scheduled. As the organizers of the festival WASA Global for the current 'China Stars' film recommended ten domestic excellent film, including China's senior stage performing artist Ms. Qin Yi produced, starred in the "the beautiful Kokonor Lake"; WASA Global Combined with the production of "The door"; there are "the song of cotton", "Soul on a string" and other outstanding works. WASA Global and Beijing Film Academy, for the American audience presents five school selected excellent short film also caused a sensation in the festival, this form of cooperation in the film festival is the first time.
The 'China Stars' film festival doubled the scale of Year 2016, and increased the 'China Stars' awards ceremony and awards show.
The 43rd session of the United States Seattle International Film Festival China Star Award winners:
1. China Stars Lifetime Achievement Award---Qin Yi
2. China Stars Emergent Artist Award ---Liang Dong
3. Memento presentation ---Zhang Yuejin -WASA North America Group
4. Memento presentation ---Li Hongtao–Seattle WASA International Art Center Artistic Director


(Figure 1: China Stars trophy, plate)
(Figure 2: Li Hongtaoto present award trophy to Qin Yi. Figure 3: Qin Yi made award-winning speech)
(Figure 4: Zhang Yuejin (second from right) and "The door" Director Liang Dong (second from left) and art team members photo)
(Figure 5: Film Festival Art Director - Ms. Beth (middle) present awards Li Hongtao (left), Zhang Yuejin (right)  photo)
    Mr. Li Hongtao, Artistic Director of Seattle WASA International Art Center, held an exhibition of abstract works at the ceremony during the China Stars awards ceremony. The exhibition was an important project planned by WASA Global. It’s get high praise.
(Figure 6: Mr. Li Hongtao at the awards ceremony site - the background is the Seattle City landmark space needle tower)
(Figure 7: Film Festival Organizing Committee Commitment Memorial Board, SIFF  Executive Director Ms. Sarah Wilke and Mr. Li Hongtao photo )
(Figure 8: Li Hongtao and Nancy during the festival to establish a good working relationship, the picture shows the two at the awards ceremony on the photo)
(Figure 9: Mr. Li Hongtao awards ceremony exhibition, next to one of his works)



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