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May 20 China Stars Awards ceremony – Mr. Li Hongtao exhibition conference, donation ceremony

Number of visits: Date:2017年5月20日 10:15
Mr. Zhang , CEO of WASA North America Group Ltd., Mr. Li Hongtao, WASA Global Art Consultant and CommitteeMember of the Film Festivalattended the 'China Stars' awards ceremony held at the Pan Pacific Hotel –Mr. Li Hongtao exhibition conference, donation ceremony. This conference has China CCTV 6 movie channel - Shainework media reports group and numbers of US mainstream media to participate.
The award was sponsored by WASA Global (Hong Kong) Cultural Industry Co., Ltd. and hosted by the Seattle WASA International Film Festival Organizing Committee, its WASA North America Group, Seattle WASA International Art Center. Announced at the 7th evening of June 9 at the 43rd session of the Seattle International Film Festival  - China Stars unit awards ceremony.
(Figure 1:Conference guests to do a reporter answer. Figure 2: WASA North America Group CEO Zhang Yuejin speech)
(Figure 3: conference guests photo:Front left Nancy、Sarah、Bath;Back left Li Hongtao、Mahlon Meyer、Richard Meyer、Zhang Yuejin)
At the conference, Mr. Zhang Yuejin, CEO of WASA North America Group, announced that Mr. Li Hongtao's abstract painting exhibition was held at the ceremony of the China Stars Awards. Mr. Li Hongtao, as an art consultant of WASA Global Group, participated in the planning and propaganda work of the festival, and he also made positive contributions to promoting China-US friendship and cultural exchanges. Mr. Li Hongtao specially presented his own oil painting works to the Film Festival Organizing Committee, Seattle International Film Festival Organizing Committee is the first collection of Chinese artists.
(Figure 4: Mr. Li Hongtao to the film festival executive director Sarah Wilke donated oil paintings)
"I am honored to accept Mr. Li's work of art on behalf of the Seattle International Film Festival. The colorful colors reflect the power of the universe and are very beautiful and unpleasant.Works reflect the inherent Chinese culture and a long history of historical origins.," said Ms. Wilke, SIFF CEO. 
(Figure 5: Mr. Li Hongtao made a speech)
(Figure 6: Mr. Li Hongtao and Nancy’s photo)

(Figure 7 & 8: Mr. Li Hongtao has CCTV6 Movie channel exclusive interview)

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